Announcing the mmBoard! A MickMake SBC with all the goodies


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I’ve got some pretty exciting news on a new SBC that’s about to be released. Read on to find out what it is. Continue reading Announcing the mmBoard! A MickMake SBC with all the goodies.


Your new board sounds great, a decent amount of RAM at last. I just hope it is still viable after post etc to the UK in which case I’ll be very interested.

Regards, Pete



What a wonderful 1st April joke! For a moment I really thought it was true and I wondered what a genius Mick was…


Ha ha. Well now, apparently, people want me to actually come out with it! Starting to sound like a TMNT goof.


Hi Pete,
Thought it might spark your interest. :smiley:


sounds like a great idea.


Hey Mick, this needs a 64mb WOM, write only memory, national semiconductor put one out in the 80s ( coincidentally around around the beginning of April). just a thought…keep up the great work…


WOM… Yup, that’s an idea! Or maybe even delay line memory.


I want one of those :sweat_smile: