Build a talking Alarm Clock synced to Google calendars. // Project


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My original project 30 years ago was to build a talking Alarm Clock, which was based on a 6502. This is a revamp of that project. Interesting to see what can be done so easily these days!


Hi Mick,

I noticed you haven’t created a circuit diagram, i was wondering if you could either create it or send me your hand drawn circuit and i’ll tidy it up for you and create an electronic version.

Cheers mate
Paul C


Hi Paul,
Hmmmm. Thought I had, but looks like I had overlooked it. Yup, I’ll draw it up and attach it to the website post.


Thanks Mick it is greatly appreciated.


Hi Mick,

I had a conversation with Andrew Dobie from SamacSys and at my request he has created the CAD files for the Firebeetle ESP32 board. The DOT Matrix Boards are WIP.

Perhaps give him a mention on a video sometime.

enclosed link to the CAD files


Nice! Always great to see people sharing. Makes Maker community world go round.