How do you use your PiProjector?


Hi everyone,
I’m getting a lot of feedback from people on how they’re using their PiProjector.

Some people are using them in dentists & orthodontists surgeries instead of having a heavy monitor hanging over people’s head.

People are using it to access YouTube and NetFlix.

It’s even being used as part of the WORF project on the International Space Station. Woohoo!

So, would be great to hear how you’re using your PiProjector.
Using it as part of a 3D printer? Magic Mirror? Add it down below…


Hi Mick… I bought the pi projector rev 1 a few month ago and its now my mobile ( with off-the-shelf 5000mAh usb powerbank) KODI projector. I am planning to design a waterproof enclosure for it so i can catch up on daily news and social media while in shower.


LOL. That’s a great idea!
Maybe I should add in a virtual keyboard as well?