NanoPi2: Any advantage over the real Pi? // Review

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Unboxing FriendlyARM’s NanoPi2. It’s smaller than the Raspberry Pi, but what advantages are there over the real Pi? Is it good for the Maker? Can it support a desktop for those wanting a tiny mobile computer?
Find out in this MickMake review.

Tried the NanoPi2 since it's on "sale" from the ARMWorks distributor for $15 shipped. Seems legit until you start seeing odd errors when doing compiles or normal Linux things. The board is flaky and appears to have bad RAM. I intended to use it for a gaming project with a SPI LCD display. The max SPI speed I could get is around 10Mhz (RPI0 can do 32Mhz). So now it goes in the desk drawer of shame to live out the rest of its days with the dust bunnies.

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Yup, I’ve had mixed feedback on the FriendlyARM and Orange Pi boards.
The production QA doesn’t seem to be that good on these boards.

I have yet to come across a bad batch. I’ve bought a fair amount, but I’ve also been given a lot as well.