Rock64: Cheap and rock solid // Review


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It’s been a while since the Rock64 was released into the wild for hackers, but 8 months on, how good is this board looking? Let’s find out.


The RockPro64 is the one I’m really looking forward to. RK3399, Mali-T860 (supporting full OpenCL - mining/hashcat!), PCIe, USB-C, NVMe possible! 40 GPIOs.

I wish it was smaller.


It certainly is. There seems to be more support for it generally as compared to the AllWinners.
But not sure how speedy it’d be as a miner.


Talking about the RockPro64, is it worth buying? Would you recommend that one or the rock64 or even other makers for a NAS and torrenting and amule server and maybe a VPN


The RockPro64 certainly looks promising, but as for whether it’d be worth buying… I’m not sure yet. I’d really need to have it in my hands to know.