SMS over LoRa: Long distance SMS without 4G // Project


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Do you want to be able to send an SMS over 20kms without using a mobile phone network? Here’s one small project you can knock up in less than a day allowing you to send an SMS over LoRa.


To be honest, I really like to this project. Using a browser interface would allow cross-platform compatibility and ease of use. Maybe the mobile app could tap into the various sensors of the device it is installed on to feed data from GPS, barometer, altimeter etc? This could (with marketing, funding, and passion) be the best off-grid communications solution available.


Hi CW,

Yup, there's lots of applications for a LoRa <-> WiFi gateway. There's a number of commercial ones around, but the market still doesn't have any decent standard that people can adopt. It's an immature market.


good project, Can you recommend a good external antenna to use in this module (433Mhz)?


Very useful project!
Low power + long distance, so perfect after the zombie apocalypse.
Should be paired with a solar power source.