The Raspberry Pi 4 has landed! A sneak peak prototype review.


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There’s been a lot of speculation from the SBC community about what the Raspberry Pi 4 will look like and the Raspberry Pi Foundation has really kept the lid on it. However, I was recently given a pretty honorable opportunity. To road-test a prototype of the Raspberry Pi 4. Yeah! Wow! Continue reading The Raspberry Pi 4 has landed! A sneak peak prototype review.

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Since last year I still wanna know how do you make these boards! They look so perfect

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Oh no, not HDMI-IN! I just bought an OrangePi RK3399 for that…
Nice april fool’s article. :smiley:


April fools !!! I’m betting ??? I didn’t get the references untill one ending …

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I was thinking of doing a “making of” video but didn’t remember in time to video me making the board.

It’s essentially just finding an old broken board, removing some components and adding others with glue.

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I have to admit, you got me!

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Woohoo! Another one! :wink:


Hi all
I’m johnny from jakarta
how can I get that raspi4 proto board?


In the end, the Raspberry Pi Foundation had the last laugh.
Less than 3 months after your April fools day joke, they released the Pi 4 and your “April Fools” predictions proved to be quite accurate and timely.
(see the actual specs at
2 USB 3.0 ports: check, with another 2 USB 2.0 ports (your article said “another 2 USB 3.0 ports”, so that bit wasn’t quite right).
Up to 4 GB ram: check
2 HDMI ports supporting 4K: check (the second HDMI port was what you called a “pretty bold step”)
Gigabit Ethernet: check
4 versions: Not quite, there are 3.
Quad core 2GHz SoC: Not quite, 1.5GHz quad core. And no 6 core variant.
SATA: Of course not. That was clearly a joke. But then, so was the second HDMI port…

Now, when people come to your site looking for reviews of the Pi 4, they find this article on the front page of your site, as the most recent “review”.

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Hi ya’ll, was there a total of 5 gufs you made? watching the video and then sseeing the list there seemed to be a lot of fiction going on there…lol Have to admit my brother and I watched it and almost believed it…

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