Weekly Roundup #42 - New Maker Products // News

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This week’s Weekly Roundup is pretty special, because it’s episode number 42! It also has FPGAs, SBCs, even more FPGAs and something that goes up to 11.

OK, major kudos for the DEC 42 = * comment.
Also, great round-up as ever.

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Another good roundup. Never hear of FPGA until you brought it up (dont get out much :-)). Now seeing comments all over the place. Would love to learn more as cannot fathom what's the fuss / how to use. Looking for suitable dev board and I found this chap (was on kickstarter/indiegogo) which is now available though one of the big distributors, so must be good. http://uk.farnell.com/matri...

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Thanks mate.
I'm pretty confident that FPGAs will be the next big Maker buzz. The only thing that is stopping it is the cost of FPGA build tools. They are waaay beyond the price of the casual Maker; costing upwards of $2k-$4k for licenses.

The other thing is education; FPGAs aren't as easy as hacking something up quickly in Python, but it could be made to be.

Thanks Tommy,
I'm pretty sure Douglas Adams was aware of that one when he came up with it.

Mick, could this be an opportunity for a future video possibly? The FPGA equivalent of 'hello world'. I'm also in the 'these seem to be the next big thing but I haven't a clue what they're used for' camp.

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Yes, this looks to be too much like a blank canvas at the moment. This is Picasso or even Dali territory all mixed in with a bit of Turing wizardry. I stumbled across this page today while looking for something else (quite a good listing I thought):


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I's a plan I have in the back of my mind. Would definitely look at doing a series of videos similar to my Learning Arduino series.