Weekly Roundup #56: New Maker Products // News


Originally published at: https://www.mickmake.com/post/weekly-roundup-56-new-maker-products-news

This week’s roundup of new maker products looks at a bunch of new SBCs: Renegade Elite, ClearFog GT 8K, Banana Pi BPI-P2 Zero, BPI-R64, BPI-M2+ V1.2 & Khadas Edge. As well as the Google Edge TPU, and a bunch of cool things from Tindie. Continue reading Weekly Roundup #56: New Maker Products // News


CortexProg looks good. I’ve backed that one.
I tried to tune out for all the rest :laughing: - to save my wallet you understand…


Yup, a lot of people complain to me about that exact issue!