Build a Pi Zero W pocket projector! // Project


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Ever wanted a really small and cheap projector that can fit in your pocket? Here’s a quick project to make a Raspberry Pi Zero W based pocket projector.


Hi Mick,
An interesting project, handy for those off the cuff presentations.
It would make a good gag if you could have something like - a projector fails at a meeting, a person says “oh no how can we go on”, a person responds “i can save the day with a JLCPCB Handy dandy super pocket protector ermm i mean projector” :slight_smile:

I have also shared this project page with some Facebook user groups.

Paul C


Ha ha. I like it! I’m certainly getting a lot of ideas for gags from people.

Thanks for the shares! Helps a lot.


Hi Mick,
Just saw this on youtube, could be an application for the projector.



Wow, yup I’ll definitely need to build one of those.

I had a look at that laser projector. Was getting excited about it until I saw the price tag. Over US$400 and only does 480. Ugh.

But yup… need to get it all going with DLP!


Yeah it is expensive for that projector, but surely jlcpcb-man can get it working with the DLP!


I’m sure JLCPCB Man could!