Build a Pi Zero W pocket projector! // Project


I had a similar problem. I could fix it using shorter cables (10 cms). First cables I used were 20 cms cables. Be careful with the quality of the cable. Bad quality cables could make your image shows incorrectly.
You can use 2 or three ground (GND) connections too.


Is it possible to use a battery for a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a DLP2000 combo? If so, what kind of battery is allowed to use? I tried to use a “RPi PowerPack v1.2” (3700 mAh and 3.7V) and it doesn’t works (perhaps it’s because my chinese new cables)


Would it be possible to use one pi to send separate, unique images to two DLP2000EVM projectors, perhaps over separate I2C ports?


Are you using one of my PiProjector boards, or wiring up yourself?
Wiring up yourself, you have to be careful of jumper wire length and make sure you have multiple ground points.


Yes indeedy!

In fact this is Rev 2.5 of my PiProjector board. Has LiPo battery charging. Gives you one hour of video watch time per Ah of battery. Woot!

I’ll be building up a couple of boards early next week and then off to a Crowd Supply campaign.


Alas no. I2C is only used to control the DLP2000. The parallel RGB666 display interface uses up pretty much all the GPIOs on the Pi.
However… I have plans in the works to support SPI based video.